Keep it simple and make it powerful!


A tool with which to market and educate
your audience.
  A PowerPoint should be . . .

  • Effective
    • Know your audience.
    • What's the educational level?
    • What's the age group?
    • Why did they come?
  • Clear on your intention. Do you want your audience to:
    • Buy something?
    • Sell something?
    • Act on something?
  • Professional
    • Wear appropriate clothing.
    • Show the audience respect.
  • Organized
    • Rehearse and follow your script.
    • Arrive early.
    • Assure that the technical equipment is working properly.
  • Focused
    • Keep the audience's eyes on the screen.
    • Don't ask the audience to choose between you and the screen.
  • Clear
    • Text should be large enough to read from a distance.
    • Avoid fuzzy graphs or charts.
PowerPoint can raise the level of your presentation by offering the following:

  • Animation
    • Allow bullet points to float in – one at a time.
    • Highlight important points.
    • Don't overdo animation.
  • Graphs/Diagrams
    • Create these  individually or export from Excel.
    • Make them big enough to read.
  • Images
    • Use your own, purchase images, or use from royalty-free Web site.
    • Give credit where credit is due.
  • Video
    • Link video to a slide.
  • Music
    • Choose appropriate music.
    • Time the music to the PowerPoint.