Why are meeting minutes
so important
to businesses and organizations?
  • FOCUS: Meeting participants stay actively engaged in the business of the meeting, not on recording minutes.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Action items would be noted for placement on the next agenda, so that the business or organization can continue to move forward (as opposed to recreating the wheel).

  • HISTORICAL RECORD: Minutes provide individuals with an explanation of who, what, when, where, and why an action occurred.           
Why subcontract (U.S.) meeting minutes?

  • IMPARTIALITY: A third party is impartial to the politics of the situation, and that neutrality is reflected in the minutes.

  • EFFICIENCY: A professionally begun set of minutes will be initiated immediately and an initial draft emailed to you. The information can always be edited prior to the final draft.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Having one person solely responsible for meeting minutes allows your personal assistant or secretary to focus on his/her other tasks.

  • DEPENDABILITY: You know that the minutes will be completed - and in good time. 
How do we do this without
actually attending the meetings?

          Minutes can be prepared from anywhere. Simply record your meeting with a digital recorder, place the recording in Drop Box (free software), and we will prepare the meeting minutes from the recording.

​         This is not verbatim typing. While useful in other settings, verbatim typing is not appropriate for meeting minutes. Our minutes would be an accurate summation of the meeting.


If you're just starting out with minutes for your organization and would like something easy, go ahead and use our free fillable Minutes-To-Go form. It covers the basics for minutes preparation - just fill in the blanks! Click on the Minutes-To-Go download button to begin. 

For those of you who prefer a more professional set of minutes, we can compile those for you at a nominal cost from your completed Minutes-To-Go form.